My father disappeared in Uganda in 1977 during the Idi Amin years. At that time there were a few reports detailing his fate. I never saw any of them. I understand that 3 accounts provided by the British Foreign Office were all said to be from reliable sources, but all three, although similar, gave different places, dates, times, etc, none of the reports were ever verified . My father’s remains have not been looked for or recovered. I now wish to use this site to gather and collate information about my father’s disappearance and to report on the progress I make with this research.



  1. Hi Cherie,
    Kim told me that she met you in Liverpool the other day.
    Although I did not know your father, I have read the various reports. I think that Bob had a lot to do with what happened. I had left Uganda by that time though was here in 1975 for my fathers funeral. I have a few contacts around and will also try and see if we can learn something new. With advances in DNA etc you never know what can be found out. Being in the funeral business I know some guys who worked in those days in the Public and Hospital mortuaries who may be able to shed some light. Maybe you can send us a photo or attach one.
    Which was your house in Nakasero. I see there are a few of the older ones up for sale at the moment and have friends in the real estate business. Our old house was in Queens Rd which is now Lumumba Ave. I see that there is one of the old Colonial houses for sale in Akii Bua rd (Was Stanley Rd) (See Mowin.co.ug)
    I believe that Bob has written a book which will not be published til after his death which may or may not have any information. He still lives in Wimbledon.
    I understand that you come out here often – if so give us a ring if you need any help – 0782 55 68 78.

    Take care

    Eric Walford

    • HAS that book been published have you got ISBN number thanks Hugo

      • Hi Hugo, I don’t think so. I have searched for it a few times and have not found any thing yet. Regards, Chérie Scanlon

  2. I bet he had a terrible time never knowing if he would end up in the FRIDGE what an awful life I used to see him and I always thought he was trying to convince HIMSELF that he was safe nothing is worth fear like that ” Britain are my friend” – “Major Bob my friend” Amin was a chilling monster ! thanks for your reply Very Best Wishes Hugo

  3. I wish I had some clues about my father’s disappearance did you know him I wonder?

  4. When he was alive you should have asked Sir Richard Posnett he would have got to the bottom of it

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