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  1. I am very sorry to read about your father’s disappearance. It must be very painful and frustrating not to know what happened to him. We read about the horrors of inhumanity perpetrated around the world and we shudder but I think we often forget those who, like you, live with the aftermath.

    I do hope that some information will emerge that will be of help to you and wish you the courage to go on with your life despite the sorrow.

  2. Hi Cherie,

    My husband, Gary Curtis is a nephew of Robert Scanlon and spent some time in Uganda as a child with his Mother, Olive Thomas. Gary is looking for information on this as well but it is almost impossible to find anything. My Mother-in-Law was Gloria’s sister and we are also trying to trace our family tree. Could we combine details we know as Gary remembers little about that time in his life.



    • Hi Cherie
      I am a Ugandan and sorry to hear about your father. I believe that your father might have been the victim of the present regime in Uganda. I am not here to defend Amin, but at the same time Museveni who is the president today way fighting a guarilla war against Amin and he killed many innocent people. Contact (e-mail) and also send your father’s picture that I can assure you we will publish it on our website where many Ugandans read news about the past and present regime’s attrocities. Also we can appeal to Ugandans regarding your dad on an internet based radio for Ugandans. Good luck on your search for the truth,

      • Hi Ggomba,
        Thank you so much for responding to my blog. I am sorry for the delay in replying to you. Sometimes I feel so defeated by the hidden past I have to leave my search on one side to live in the present. Your perspective on my father’s murder is an interesting one that I had not considered previously. I contacted one of Amin’s sons recently who was interested in assisting in my search as he is trying to clear his father’s name. When I suggested he meet with my representative in Kampala he sadly withdrew his interested in the case. I am convinced that there are people who do know what happened and I also know that there are people in the current regime who were also in Amin’s regime and around at the time of my father’s disappearance. Naturally they only wish to conceal the truth. I really do not feel motivated by retribution. If only I could locate my father’s remains so that they can be brought to rest on his land. I will certainly contact voice of uganda when I am next in the country. Once again thank you for your interest in my search. Chérie Scanlon

  3. Hi Cherie

    My Mum Joan was you Dad’s secretary at Rentokil in Kampala for a while in the mid 60s. I’m sure we have some old pictures of them all in the office which I will try and dig out.
    I am a few years older than you but knew you and your brother David and remember your mother Gloria.

    We were all deeply sorry to learn of your father’s disappearance at the time, having things unresolved for so long must be very difficult.

    My Mother wishes to be remembered to you all and we send our Best Wishes to you and your family.

    Kind Regards
    Mark Burton

    • Hi Mark,
      Thank you very much for your message and sorry for the reply in answering . I have no recollection of your family, although I was very young in the mid 60’s. I didn’t know my father worked at Rentokil so the photos would be very interesting. Have you found them yet?
      Regards, Chérie

      • Hi Chérie

        I know my mum has those pictures somewhere and I will dig them out. I checked with her to make double sure and her memory is sketchy but she definitely remembers. We left in 1970 but followed things in Uganda closely. For some reason my memory of those days is actually pretty sharp, right down to an afternoon trying out archery with David at your house. I also remember you as a toddler, and you had another brother I think. Some things not so clear!

        Will send the scanned images when I find them.

        Best Wishes

        Mark Burton

  4. Hi Cherie

    It took a while but I found some pics whilst at my Mum’s place yesterday. I was wrong, it was a company called Berkeley Electrical.

    I’ll email them to you at the above address.

    Best -Mark Burton

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